TLC's Outrageous Kid Parties

I had the opportunity to work with TLC's new TV show "Outrageous Kid Parties" a few months ago. The first episode was a princess party for 6 year old Gracie that was filmed at The Castle in Layton, Utah. The shows will begin airing this week.

Monday, February 21, 2011 ~ 7:30 pm MST
Outrageous Kid Parties ~ "Gracie's Princess Party"

We did scroll-like invitations for her friends. Her older brother was to dress up & deliver them. The big scroll with the gold rod is the one that he read the invitation from like a messenger "Hear ye! Hear Ye! Ye are invited to attend..." The littler invites were printed & hand cut to look like aged paper. The were rolled up and sent in a circular tube for the envelope. It was a FUN project to take part in. Hopefully they make the cut and not the editor's room floor! {No guarantee that they will be in the final cut for the episode.} Here are the pics:

The next week I had another project... a disco/pirate party for Alex! It was kind of fun to mix a pirate theme with a disco party. This project included a big treasure map to hang at the party & littler treasure maps as the invitation. The maps had Salt Lake City landmarks placed on the maps. The invites were hand-cut & the edges were burned for an aged paper look.

Monday, February 28, 2011 ~ 7:30 pm MST
Outrageous Kid Parties ~ "Alex's Big Pirate Party"