About Kara


It makes me {happy} to see a smile on someone's face when they see something I designed... just for them! 

I work from home, running my dream business!
I love the color purple, diet coke & a good chick-flick!
I am a mom to Kylee, a very busy 3 year old, 
and Anika, my lil 1 year old,
whom I love dearly!
I am a wife to a funny guy named Gavin... 
whom I also love LOTS!
I am also the housekeeper & the chef...  
well sometimes! :)

My story...
I went to school in Graphic Communications & Visual Technologies at Dixie State College. I then went on to take just 1 more class at Salt Lake Community College, but I ended up hooked on their Visual Art & Design Program.  It had everything else that I needed!  I loved learning about all the many aspects of design.  My favorite classes were package design & corporate design. The days we went on field trips to printing facilities were the best!  My jaw was on the floor... it was all so exciting to me!

I graduated & worked professionally at 2 different newspapers designing ads.  The roar of the press was always so exciting to be around when I worked at a weekly paper.  The lights in the building would dim & it sounded like a plane taking off.  Then it pumped out paper after paper!  I would just stare in amazement! I was hooked.  After my marriage to Gavin, which prompted a move to Logan, I started working at The Herald Journal.  I loved working in a fast-paced environment & designing for different types of businesses in Logan.

Working as a freelance designer is something I thought I would do when I was older.  But in late 2008, the idea came to me to start advertising my wedding invitation ideas.  I signed up for a bridal show in January 2009. I was the only invitation booth and I only had 5-6 designs.  But my phone did not stop ringing for months!  I quit my job at the paper in May & I was in business. I am thankful to have been busy ever since!

My design specialty is... what {YOU} want!
I will design for you! Not me. I want you to be happy with the design.  Everything needs to be designed & I can design just about anything.  I love to do wedding invitations, logo design, business cards, brochures, ad design and everything in-between. I understand and have experienced the many aspects of design & printing. I love to give people a good deal!  So I combine my designs with high-quality printing at low prices.

Let me be your {personal} designer!